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Your projects can take form if your system can perform several tasks simultaneously: management and control of entrances, voice communication with customers, verification of the correct direction of transit, customer counting combined with remote station communication via a network, reaction to commands from fire alarm control units or anti-shoplifting antennas, interface with bar code readers, and SELF area management.

Overgate is all this.

Complete this system with transparent polycarbonate gate arms made in chromed plated steel tubing, standard, or customized, and you will have a perfect, effective, quiet, child and elderly-friendly device that is also inexorable in highlighting fraudulent transit attempts and the presence of customers in its detecting area.

Ready to be fitted with handrails and partitions, whether made of tubing or acrylic or grille panels, Overgate is a bi-directional motorized entrace gates that withstands the workload of the larger hypermarkets just as well as that of smaller areas.

Overgate can be configured as single, double, “tandem” or normally open, controlled by means of radar and photocell sensor combinations which can be set right or left, simply modified by changing the wiring of the control device. It is equipped with a printed circuit board with 32 bit processor which, via joystick, allows you to modify parameters and functions, and to verify your work on a display.

In practice, it is a very modern, high standard machine with high quality that is evident from its first ignition.

Compliant with safety regulations and 95% recyclable.

Designed to allow emerging and rapidly growing markets to use automatic doors, B-Easy 2.0 is an unidirectional motorized reversible entrance gate that through an easy and fast procedure allows to invert the opening direction providing a complete bidirectional use.

Perfectly integrated into ECo product range, this machine is equipped with all necessary devices to ensure user protection and safety: mechanical antipanic (it requires manual positioning); torque in case of impact with the client less than 20 N·m with simultaneous engine stop; acoutisc alarm.

Powder coating (double coated) matt black colour. Available with swing arm opening by means of radar sensor or photocell; available in single or double configuration.


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