Automatic gates

​♦ OverGate

Your projects can take form if your system can perform several tasks simultaneously: management and control of entrances, voice communication with customers, verification of the correct direction of transit, customer counting combined with remote station communication via a network, reacti...

4 arms turnstiles

♦ TurnOGate


Economical and efficient, the TurnOGate four arm horizontal turnstiles is an affordable means that guarantees theft reduction, access control and complies with the lay-out of the entire sales area.

Made in chrome plated steel, it is equippe...

Mechanical gates

♦ Mechanical gate 
♦ Checkout exit
♦ Emergency exit

It is the overall assessment of entrance and exit control in a supermarket that allows the creation of systems that can really limit theft and their resulting differences in inventory.
For this purpose, our production does not...

Accessories / Spare Parts / Catalogs

♦ Kits
♦ Arms
♦ Etc.

Your imagination is the only limit with the wide range of ECo accessories.

Various customised aesthetic and functional solutions are available to you to make every access truly your own.

Add an accessory, create personalised silk-sc...