A bit of space, about two and half meters, is sufficient to create, with little cost, a good access control system in your store.

Turnstiles once were and still are the most economical and rational method, in situations where the economic aspect defines technical choices.

Complete with lateral passage for different sized carts and with sign plates, equipped with a double safety system: the first permits, when necessary, reversed direction rotation, by simply applying a force of about 140 N•m on the arms; the second allows rotation of the entire turnstile frame on the support upright axis, thus permitting the transit of persons (emergency) or objects (utility) through the passageway created.

To increase the level of safety while using these systems, we have introduced an additional device which, through a mechanical release, allows the bar for the shopping carts to rotate. By rotating on the axis of one of the supporting posts, this bar makes the entire width of the cart passageway free and available for transit by people and objects.

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