4 arms turnstiles

♦ TurnOGate


Economical and efficient, the TurnOGate four arm horizontal turnstiles is an affordable means that guarantees theft reduction, access control and complies with the lay-out of the entire sales area.

Made in chrome plated steel, it is equipped with an anti-panic device that allows, with pressure of approximately 150 N•m, the reversal of the arm rotation. The safety opening device allows the whole structure to be rotated on its own axis, making the passage available for the transit of bulky packages, carts or, simply, the rapid outflow of customers in case of emergency. 

The person-guide arc and carts passage are “essential” accessories in the completion of the system. All parts are assembled by using nuts and bolts. This detail allows us to minimize the size of the packaging and to ship systems with lower freight costs.


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