OverGate self payment

Self-service: an original retail concept. The obstacle of “total freedom” remains the line at the checkout barrier. The line for paying. This obstacle can be permanently removed.

The product identification bar code today is used for another task, essentially for reducing waiting times at checkout.

Collaboration with the manufacturers of management and payment systems such as NCR, Nixdorf and IBM, just to name a few, has allowed us to develop a bar code reader that easily interfaces with standard types of codes, able to recognize some data such as the day, time, the number of the checkout issuing the receipt and, therefore, that is able to evaluate the validity of the receipt itself.

This reader, connected to our swing gate Overgate, allows you to control the exits dedicated to this operation. It’s a “plug & play” system which, to be immediately available, only requires some simple information related to the configuration of the bar code used in the sales outlet in question.

It does not require access to the company network or a dedicated computer.

Just connect us to the electrical mains and our system will be set for work in a few minutes.

Also in this case, if you’re interested, just ask us how.

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