Main entrance - Access control kit

The main entrance has been created by intelligently integrating our OverGate 4.0_T two-way automatic gate (TÜV SÜD certified), complete with BYAS rear activation kit which offers efficient customer transit control in both the single and double versions, highlighting any attempted fraud by closing the doors and activating a sound or voice alarm.

The control system is composed of a OverGate 4.0_T gate in single or double configuration equipped with radar sensors located inside the motor column (optional), a radar sensor installed on the ceiling of the entrance and an infrared sensor installed inside an upright, which can be installed either inside the entrance or outside (this choice depends on the size of the entrance and the presence of any anti-shoplifting antennas).

The OverGate 4.0_T gate is currently the most modern equipment among those dedicated to store access control and possesses all the security features required by the new European directives (machinery and EMC directives). It offers a high degree of control while ensuring safety for users, especially the elderly and children.

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