OverGate with tubular arm

OverGate is not just a simple "barrier", but it welcomes and guides your customers according to the defined layout, checks the number, frequency and timetable of transit, and boasts a simple and effective design. 

Thanks to our vast range of components and accessories, it can easily be used in sales outlets of all sizes. You can successfully utilise it both for access control and for "self-pay" area control.

Equipped with the latest generation of electronic devices, these units utilise software through which it is possible to change programs and parameters of use with the aid of a joystick located on the control board, adapting it to each customer's individual needs, from discount stores to large supermarkets. The electronic board ensures uniformity of behaviour with any type of arm used, keeping the angular speed and reaction to impacts identical. 

Fast and safe, OverGate is the best aid in preventing shoplifting.

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