Service costs

Warranty operations (within 12 months from date on the DDT) are handled as follows: Cost
Spare parts Free
Hours at work site Free
Hours of travel 28.00 €/hour
Distance 0.65 €/km
Operations not covered by the warranty are handled as follows: Cost
Spare parts According to the customer price list
Hours at work site 37.00 €/hour
Hours of travel 28.00 €/hour
Distance 0.65 €/km
Action under warranty 60.00 €/call
Territories of competence Technical area
Piedmont, Val d’Osta Turin
Lombardy Costa Masnaga (LC)
Tre Venezie Verona
Emilia Romagna, Marches Verona - Ancona
Tuscany Pistoia
Sardinia Cagliari
Lazio - Abruzzo - Campania Rome
Puglia Bari
Calabria Messina
Sicily Messina


Our Company commits to free replacement of parts defective at source for a period of 12 months. The replacement of electromagnets and power supplies is included, even if defective at source. Improper use of equipment and damage caused by third-party installations that do not comply with our standard are expressly excluded from the warranty. The guarantee shall be automatically forfeited if the customer has not fulfilled obligations relating to payments or if he or she modifies or tampers with equipment.
Testing must be carried out immediately at the end of works and in the presence of one of your employees, who must be authorised to sign the delivery report and the conformity of supply.
Regardless of the cause of the return, our consent must be obtained and the return DDT must contain the serial number of the machine for which the spare part or repair is being requested, to be indicated on the return note. Shipping costs for returned materials are at the Customer's expense. Shipping charges for material recognised as defective at source are at our expense. Materials returned without a packing list and serial number will be returned to sender.